The Mountain Banjo, or “Frank Proffitt Style” Banjo is a Fretless no-frills instrument. This type of banjo was originally built and played by folks in the hills of North Carolina. My design is inspired by plans from the Foxfire books.

Example shown: Cherry with Square peghead

Basic Specs & Price

The Mountain Banjo is Priced at  $600

  • Fretless
  • Cherry Neck
  • Cherry “Pot”
  • Cherry Middle Disc
  • 6 Inch drum with Goatskin Head
  • Ebony Fiddle Pegs
  • Nylgut Strings
  • Square or Curvy Peghead
  • Perpendicular or Horizontal Fifth Peg
  • Walnut rectangle Tailpiece
  • Walnut or Cherry Bridge
  • Ebony Nut and Fifth String Nut
  • 1.25” Nut Width
  • 24”-25.5” Scale Length
  • 3.5” Sound Hole
  • Walnut
  • Gotoh Geared Tuners
  • Fretted Richlite Fingerboard
  • Side Dots
  • Fret Position Notches
Examples & Builds

You can also check my Instagram account to see more of my recent builds and shop photos.